alv language reference

This reference manual documents the alv langauge and its standard facilities in detail. If you are new to alive, the getting started guide is the recommended place to start. If you are looking for information on adding your own module or contributing to alive, check out the developer documentation.


  1. syntax
  2. evaltime and runtime
  3. evaltime
    1. symbol resolution
    2. conditionals
    3. functions
    4. dynamic symbols
    5. loops
    6. modules and loading
  4. runtime
    1. result kinds
    2. pure operators
  5. compound types
    1. arrays
    2. structs
    3. scopes
  6. builtin listing
  7. included modules
    • array-: Utilities for dealing with arrays.
    • logic: Logical operations.
    • love: LÖVE graphics.
    • math: Mathematical functions.
    • midi: MIDI integration.
    • osc: OSC integration.
    • pilot: Pilot integration.
    • random: Random number generation.
    • rhythm: Rhythm-generation and sequencing.
    • sc: SuperCollider integration.
    • string: Utilities for dealing with strings.
    • struct-: Utilities for dealing with structs.
    • time: Time-variant operators.
    • util: Utility operators.
    • vis: Operators for in-editor visualisation.